Monday, June 6, 2011


First week is nailed. Fun workouts and I'm not too sore, I came prepared. They have you do a fitness test to have a baseline to track improvement, here are my results:

Resting Heart Rate: 57
Pull Ups: 6, with chin up bar, one foot on chair seat.
Vertical Leap: 10.5"
Pushup: 5 real
Toe Touch: +3"
Wall Squat: 60 seconds
Bicep Curls: 10 reps #20
IN & Outs: 40

My weekly P90x schedule(first 3 weeks of month)

Sunday: Cardio 1hr(treadmill)
other fun like dirt bike or cycling, PLAY OUTSIDE

Monday: Chest and Back
1 hr cardio(TM)

Tuesday: Yoga (Balance/stretch)
Cardio 30 minutes

Wednesday: Arms/Shoulders
Cardio 30 minutes

Thursday: Yoga (Movement)
Cardio 30 minutes

Friday: REST

Saturday: Legs/Back
Cardio 1 hr

Notes--At this point I'm just doing the strength dvds and sticking with my cardio plan, because I really enjoy running/walking and I can control how I push heart rate better with intervals etc. Being new to Yoga I split the Yoga dvd into two parts--but this is also a time thing too. I work 6-7 hours(or more) Tuesday through Friday in our housecleaning business, which is also very physical.

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