Friday, June 3, 2011

Me Reloaded

The end of last July I was having an awesome day of riding in the woods(Brown's Camp), then hit a mechanical malfunction/brain fart and BAM hit a big fir tree head on. I broke my arm and tailbone instead of my neck(yes I kissed the ground when I realized I wasn't a vegetable), and sprained various other things. My bike was not hurt(Yamaha suspension ROCKS), and I left a scrape on the tree.

So the rest of the year has been spent recovering from the broken arm(distal fracture of the radius) and the tailbone, and getting back to the fitness level before the crash, as well as doing all this on top of work. Which, I'm there! And this last week I started the P90x program, and I'm finding it a lot of fun.

This time around with my broken(well, technically cracked)arm I decided to both educate myself about bone healing, as well as see how fast I could recover, for instance, how long would it take to do a flat hand on the floor pushup. When I broke my scaphoid about 5 years ago, I babied it and it took a few YEARS to be able to flex my wrist and put weight on it to do a pushup. FAIL.

This time around I did isometric flexing when my arm was in the cast to help minimize muscle loss, and when my cast came off I started working my wrist right away as much as possible. After a few weeks it was strong enough to use a crochet hook and I thought why not crochet an afghan for PT. It turned out to be GREAT therapy to unlock my wrist and build strength. Doing dishes by hand in the warm water helped my wrist relax and flex more too. I just tried to use my hand as much as possible, finding that fine line between pushing and not pushing too much. And it may sound corny, but it's kinda cool to have that afghan to remind me of my crash and recovery.

In January(5 months in), I started back with my upper body weightlifting using the baby 5# weights. In March I could do knee pushups with the Perfect Pushup handles. By the end of April I was back using the weight I was using pre-crash, as well as being able to do a real pushup(hands flat on floor) which was a huge milestone.

Being strong really helped me not get hurt far worse. Getting schooled in seeing how strength prevents Bad Stuff is really motivating to keep on keepin on!

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