Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just for Fun/Body Fat Formula

Here's a formula I found using measurements and weight that I've been using just to give me a ballpark idea of progress with body fat. I dont' expect it to be exact, but it's better than using a body fat scales for me--I have some weird electrical field or something, I get a really high BF on scales(like almost 40% and I'm DEF not that! in fact by this formula I get 21%)

A=(body weight x .732)+ 8.987
B= wrist measurement/3.14
C=waist measurement x .157
D=hip measurement x .249
E=forearm measurement x .434

Lean Body Mass(LBM)=A + B+ E - C - D

Body Fat Weight(BFW)= Total weight - LBM

Body Fat %= (BFW x 100)/total weight

(whee! one more percent and I hit "athlete"!)

PS, I can't find the link for this formula right this second, I'll hunt for it and get back with it. Enjoy!

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