Friday, May 14, 2010

Elliott Creek Trail, Brown's Camp, OR

Elliott Creek is a favorite trail at Brown's Camp(Tillamook State Forest ORV) in Oregon's Coast Range. It's pretty close out of camp and makes a nice warm up trail. You can make it hard as you want depending on the line and speed you take. It goes down to the creek, with some fun downhill whoops. After the second bridge you follow the creak for awhile. Each puddle becomes a whoop when it dries out in the summer. The whoops along there are uneven in spacing and size, so it makes for a fun run where you have to just let go and let the bike dance. Last summer I FINALLY got the hang of whoops and this section was a fun buckeroo!

After the third bridge is a fun long uphill run with some water bars and imbedded rocks. Years ago when they dumped all those rocks for erosion control, they were loose and slickery and very scary and frustrating for a beginning rider(me!). I was on an xr100 and would richochet and bounce all over--but I made myself do it, even if I had to paddle down. Now it's fun to blast(even though the rocks are MUCH easier being beaten into the dirt now) and have FUN on, remembering how it used to scare me.

It's cool to have a trail like this to ride over the years. So many memories! Following my sons on their PW50s, picking them up when they fell, starting the flooded bikes back up(ha!). Remembering how I sucked on those dang rocks, how frustrated I was at being so slow, and now I FLY(at least it feels like it!).

PS, this is NOT my helmet cam vid, I poached it from youtube.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just for Fun/Body Fat Formula

Here's a formula I found using measurements and weight that I've been using just to give me a ballpark idea of progress with body fat. I dont' expect it to be exact, but it's better than using a body fat scales for me--I have some weird electrical field or something, I get a really high BF on scales(like almost 40% and I'm DEF not that! in fact by this formula I get 21%)

A=(body weight x .732)+ 8.987
B= wrist measurement/3.14
C=waist measurement x .157
D=hip measurement x .249
E=forearm measurement x .434

Lean Body Mass(LBM)=A + B+ E - C - D

Body Fat Weight(BFW)= Total weight - LBM

Body Fat %= (BFW x 100)/total weight

(whee! one more percent and I hit "athlete"!)

PS, I can't find the link for this formula right this second, I'll hunt for it and get back with it. Enjoy!