Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Upper Body Workouts

Like the Lower Body workouts, I split the Upper into two 30 minutes workout, one using bodyweight and explosive stuff, the other using weights. I also switched to using two dumbbells instead of the bar(though for the 3x4 reps I'll use the bar cuz it's "easier", or if I don't have the plates to make up two dumbells to get the weight). I'll put the weights I used for today's #1 wo, using 3x8 reps.

Upper Body #1
TRX low rows, at a moderate effort for warmup

Shoulder Press, #45(bar)
Upright Row, #45(bar)
One arm Row, #35(bar)
Flies, #12 (DB)
Incline Flies, #12 (DB)
French Press/Nosebreaker, #12 (DB)
Lat Pull Down, #12 (DB, I'm doing this by lying on the floor on my back, arms straight and DB touching floor above my head, move them keeping my arms straight to touch the floor down by my hips, and I move them SLOWLY)
Underhand bench press, #12
Standing Bicep Curl #15
Delt Raise, #12

TRX low rows to fail to complete jelly-fication of my arms :D I did 21 today.

Upper Body #2
TRX low rows at moderate effort for warm up.
TRX low rows "for real"
Hang Clean

Bench Press
Tricep Dips
A bunch of pretend punching and upper cut type stuff holding #5 dumbbells(see those are good for something!), hopefully at this point there is a good song on the radio with a good beat to do this to.

TRX low rows to failure(can you tell I like these?!!)

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