Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maggot Report, Feb 14-March 13

Oops! feel off the blog wagon, BUT not the workout wagon!

Feb 14-20

Sunday--cardio, 120 min Zone 1
Monday--core wo, cardio 60 min Zone 2(3 miles run)
Wednesday--2 hrs trailbuilding, 45 min ride with 3 crashes(ha!)
Friday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 2
Saturday--weights upper body and RIDE

Feb 21-27

Sunday--cardio 60 min Zone 1
Monday--weights legs/core, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Friday--work, beach walking/dune climbing(woo hoo! this was a STEEP climb, 15 min in ZOne 3, yes I checked my HR monitor, ha!)
Saturday--more beach walking/dune climbing

I lost 8 pounds, for 14 pound total since January 1st
burned 10,000 cals on the treadmill

Feb 28-March 6
Sunday--beach walking/dune climb
Wednesday--cardio 60 min Zone 2, 30 min Zone 1
Saturday--yardwork all day

March 7-March 13
Monday--weights upper body, cardio 30 min Zone 3, 60 min Zone 2
Wednesday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 3, 30 min Zone 2
Thursday--core wo, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Friday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Saturday--cardio 60 min Zone 1, weights upper body

New stuff for March
run 1-2 miles straight in each cardio wo
burn 4000 cals plus for the week (check! for second week of March, first week was the rest week so doesn't count)
Start three week rotation of:
1st week lo weight/high reps(3x20+)
2nd week med weight/med reps (3x8)
3rd week high weight/lo reps (3x4)
I will split my weight workouts(the full wo takes an hour)in half, so I am now working weights 6 days a week(2 upper, 2 lower, 2 core)

Note of progress--
At the beginning of January I was doing deadlifts of 100#, 3x4, now I do 3x12!
Improved my plank holding time, began at 15 seconds, now it's a full minute(on elbows).

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