Friday, March 19, 2010

Falling Down

Everyone hates crashing, but crashing has its good points too, and you CAN prep for it so you won't get (so) hurt.

Back in the olden days when I learned to ride horses, an important part of learning to ride was learning to fall. The basics were, draw the arms to the chest, round the back to get as much into a ball shape, and try to twist a little so that your ball shape can spread out and lessen impact as you roll it out--the tuck n roll. Relax so that your body can absorb the impact and be springy in the joints. Don't "brace for impact"--the idea is to spread out the energy over a wide area of the body, and then channel it out and away, instead of focusing impact on a small area and trying to absorb or stop the progress of the energy.

Here's Ryan Dungey's awesome crash with a side of tuck n roll.

See how his legs are relaxed enough so his joints boing(instead of tearing tendons or breaking ankles), and he tucks into a ball so that 1) he uses his momentum to roll like a ball into a somersault and he ends up on his feet to RUN to his bike, 2) he doesn't do a face plant(possibly injuring his neck).

On the trail where there is extra stuff to impale/crush/stab/smash you, you can add in holding on long enough to aim for a soft(er) landing spot, or giving it some throttle to aim you to a better landing spot(or hey, you just might pull it out and save it). Or at least try, ha.

Putting out your hands to break your fall is just about a guarantee for a broken wrist(probably a scaphoid, which requires extra futzing to get it to heal properly). It does take mental reprogramming to make it a new habit to bring the arms in to the chest and get ball-y and relax-y spring-y. If you can mess around with pushing your limits on a relatively safe terrain, ie crash on purpose (wearing all your gear of course!!!), you'll get three things done--overcome the mental fear of crashing to avoid the panic freeze that always makes things worse, relearn safer crashing technique, and actually find out where some limits are so you can ride faster and better.

It goes without saying that strength and flexibility training make all this EASIER with muscle response as well as enabling your body to withstand more force without tearing and breaking.

And by the way the movie Falling Down is on my top ten list!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tabata This!

I just learned about the Tabata method (thanks Karen!!!) and found this exercise that would be killer to Tabatafy(is that a word?).

Info on the Tabata method

Hang Clean/Push Press/Squat

I was kinda scared the girl might drop a DB on her head, and don't listen to the fat burning blah blah, just do it cuz it's hard, works a whole bunch of muscles all over and will make you stronger! PS this would be a great vacation workout or for when you want something no brainer or just something different.

Upper Body Workouts

Like the Lower Body workouts, I split the Upper into two 30 minutes workout, one using bodyweight and explosive stuff, the other using weights. I also switched to using two dumbbells instead of the bar(though for the 3x4 reps I'll use the bar cuz it's "easier", or if I don't have the plates to make up two dumbells to get the weight). I'll put the weights I used for today's #1 wo, using 3x8 reps.

Upper Body #1
TRX low rows, at a moderate effort for warmup

Shoulder Press, #45(bar)
Upright Row, #45(bar)
One arm Row, #35(bar)
Flies, #12 (DB)
Incline Flies, #12 (DB)
French Press/Nosebreaker, #12 (DB)
Lat Pull Down, #12 (DB, I'm doing this by lying on the floor on my back, arms straight and DB touching floor above my head, move them keeping my arms straight to touch the floor down by my hips, and I move them SLOWLY)
Underhand bench press, #12
Standing Bicep Curl #15
Delt Raise, #12

TRX low rows to fail to complete jelly-fication of my arms :D I did 21 today.

Upper Body #2
TRX low rows at moderate effort for warm up.
TRX low rows "for real"
Hang Clean

Bench Press
Tricep Dips
A bunch of pretend punching and upper cut type stuff holding #5 dumbbells(see those are good for something!), hopefully at this point there is a good song on the radio with a good beat to do this to.

TRX low rows to failure(can you tell I like these?!!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lower Body Workout

For January and February I had a lower body workout that was pretty thorough and took about an hour to complete(as well as an hour worth of upper and hour worth of core, for 3 workouts a week). Now that I've got some good strength progress, I'm bumping it up a notch to switch it up and bring in plyometric moves. I basically split the workout, and added a plyometric segment from the P90x program. I will continue to look for and add in/rotate more plyo moves. Each workout now takes about 30 minutes to complete, and I do a recovery level cardio workout afterwards. I now do two 30 minute workouts per week for each body section(lower, upper, core)--for 6 weight workouts total through the week. I will post the plans for upper and core in the next few days.

Lower Body #1
(bodyweight and plyometric)
The p90x plyo segment is here

1. TRX squats--hold straps(I use two dog leashes over a door, the leashes are on my side, the snaps are snapped together on the opposite side of the door)
squat all the way down, butt to floor, using arms to assist just enough as needed so knees don't hurt.
3x12 reps

2. Plyo Segment

3. TRX lunges--hold straps to assist full lunges, again the point is to aid the knees
4x20 reps, a set would be 20 right leg, then 20 left leg, and the next set would start 20 left leg then 20 right leg.

4. Plyo Segment

5. TRX Pistol Squat--this is an advanced squat, but I found it really helps strengthen whatever weakness it is that makes my knees achy. Again, hold the straps and support your weight enough to make a good pistol squat without knee complaint. For now I'm going down so my thigh is paralel to the floor. I'll work up to doing it like the guy in the vid(more butt to floor). It's very important to take this squat slowly, it's a difficult squat! but kicks your butt!

6. Plyo Segment

I did this for the first time today, the last plyo segment my legs had no more jump left in them, so I just did the squats, touching the floor(without the 180 jump).

Lower Body #2

These are done with weights, either the bar with plates or dumbbells as needed for the reps so the last few reps are a struggle.

Back squat
Dead lift
Plie squat
Lunge(back leg up on bench)
Butt Lift on fitness ball
Supermans on fitness ball(face down, hips on ball, hands on floor, legs straight out then raise to ceiling, this is like a back extention but "backwards"--you move your legs instead of upper body)
Inner thigh lift(balance weight plate on foot for added resistance)
Outer thigh lift(balance weight plate on foot for added resistance)

I am trying rotating through how many reps to see what happens, so here is the rotation. Again, I use however much weight I need to make the last rep or so a struggle.

Week one--3x12(the bodyweight stuff I'm shooting for 3x20)
Week two--3x8
Week three--3x4

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maggot Report, Feb 14-March 13

Oops! feel off the blog wagon, BUT not the workout wagon!

Feb 14-20

Sunday--cardio, 120 min Zone 1
Monday--core wo, cardio 60 min Zone 2(3 miles run)
Wednesday--2 hrs trailbuilding, 45 min ride with 3 crashes(ha!)
Friday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 2
Saturday--weights upper body and RIDE

Feb 21-27

Sunday--cardio 60 min Zone 1
Monday--weights legs/core, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Friday--work, beach walking/dune climbing(woo hoo! this was a STEEP climb, 15 min in ZOne 3, yes I checked my HR monitor, ha!)
Saturday--more beach walking/dune climbing

I lost 8 pounds, for 14 pound total since January 1st
burned 10,000 cals on the treadmill

Feb 28-March 6
Sunday--beach walking/dune climb
Wednesday--cardio 60 min Zone 2, 30 min Zone 1
Saturday--yardwork all day

March 7-March 13
Monday--weights upper body, cardio 30 min Zone 3, 60 min Zone 2
Wednesday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 3, 30 min Zone 2
Thursday--core wo, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Friday--weights lower body, cardio 60 min Zone 1
Saturday--cardio 60 min Zone 1, weights upper body

New stuff for March
run 1-2 miles straight in each cardio wo
burn 4000 cals plus for the week (check! for second week of March, first week was the rest week so doesn't count)
Start three week rotation of:
1st week lo weight/high reps(3x20+)
2nd week med weight/med reps (3x8)
3rd week high weight/lo reps (3x4)
I will split my weight workouts(the full wo takes an hour)in half, so I am now working weights 6 days a week(2 upper, 2 lower, 2 core)

Note of progress--
At the beginning of January I was doing deadlifts of 100#, 3x4, now I do 3x12!
Improved my plank holding time, began at 15 seconds, now it's a full minute(on elbows).