Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reviewing 2009

An important part of focused training is evaluation. If you never evaluate, you never determine what is working, where you can improve, or pat yourself on the back for hard won results. NOTEBOOK MAGGOT!

2009 was a great year!

I can DO whoops. It finally all came together, improved strength and hard work at riding relaxed made it happen.

I focused on forearm and hand strength to knock out fatigue and weakness in my wrists and hands(hard clutch pull, got tendonitis-y finger in 2008), it worked and I got the added benefit of saving my bacon in at least two times that I would have had a bad wreck before.

My kids can't lap me on my home track. I can give them a hard time when they pass me.

I was using 4th gear in the woods, and 3rd in the tight other words, I'm getting faster. (At places I ride often I pay attention to what gear I'm using on the trails, and always try to push it faster the next time.)

Still frustrated with my stock trail computer though, it's great when it works, but it never stays on task through the whole trip(like so I can calculate overall AVS, accumulate mileage). Something to work out.

The best thing though, was hitting those whoops, just going for it and doing it. All that hard work with the weights and the treadmill did its magic, total payback. Having more strength gave me instantly better balance, flow and reflexes, no lie. 2010 is going to be even BETTER!

Next up, goals for 2010, evaluating my work out plan, 2010 bucket list.

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