Monday, January 11, 2010

Maggot Report, Jan 3-9, 2010

For me Dec 29-Jan 5 was a total rest week. I do this every 4-5 weeks or so, gives the bod time to completely recover(though I can't get out of going to work, ha).

Jan 3--full rest(as in nice long afternoon nap)
Jan 4--rest
Jan 5--rest
Jan 6--weights(full body), 1 hour recovery cardio(Zone 1), 4 miles. Stretching
Jan 7--work(which I count for Zone 1 recovery cardio, it's "aerobic housecleaning" about 5 hours worth)
Jan 8--work/recovery cardio Zone 1, about 3 hours.
Jan 9--weights(full body)

Weights--full body, low weight/high rep(3 sets of 12) using free weights.
Cardio--on the treadmill, running and walking

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