Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maggot Report Jan 24-31, January Stats

Tuesday--upper body weights, Cardio 60 min Zone 2*
Wednesday--cardio, 90 min Zone 2, 10 min Zone 4
Thursday--cardio 30 min Zone 2, 60 min Zone 3
Friday--lower body weights, cardio 90 min Zone 1
Saturday--core wo

Stats for January
Resting heart rate 52
Machine calories burned: 10,006 60 miles (used over 14 days, average of 714 cals burned per wo)
(I set the treadmill for 10 pounds below what I weigh so I'm actually burning more calories than it says)
Lost 6 pounds
Lost 1.5" off chest, 2" off waist, 2" off hips

(I use zones based on Lactic Threshold Heart Rate, which are roughly a zone higher than zones based on Max Heart Rate)


Dale & Brennan said...

holy crap women!!!! Are you trying to give Jack (LaLane) a run for his money. Plop your butt down on the couch and watch a movie cuz you're making me tired!!!! (and a little self concious cuz I'm looking lazy compared to you)


wyldthang said...

Hey! I just did, I watched National Velvet ("ahhhhhh, HORSES!")