Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maggot Report for January 10-16

Sunday--cardio, 90 minutes in Zone 3(I am using LTHR zones), 60 min run, 30 min walk
Tuesday--weights, cardio 60 min Zone 1(recovery)
Thursday--Core wo, cardio 60 min Zone 2
Friday--cardio, 60 min Zone 1(recovery)
Saturday--weights, cardio 60 min Zone 1(recovery)

I've been tweaking my weight plan(2x a week, full body) and core plan(1x a week) and I'll post it at the end of the month and explain what I'm working for this month as well as plans for February. In a nutshell right now I am using weights in 3 sets of 12, the very last rep being failure.

Also stretching every night.


Anonymous said...

Impressive Celeste! Now I know why Im not getting the results I want. Im only doing about half of what you are lol
You go girl! Makes me wanna go longer tomorrow!

wyldthang said...

yeah! it's all about being aggressive and twisting the throttle :0) Do you have a heart rate monitor? that will really help to determine and plan what zones to use because the machines always err on "easy".