Monday, January 25, 2010

Dakar Tomb Trial

Check THIS out, Dakar Rally CHICK rider Annie Seel went Lara Croft and narrowly missed a highly unfortunate event with a sneak gaping unmarked tomb!

5 women went for the Ladies Cup, only one dropped out(better survival rate than overall motorcycle survival rate I might add!!!), and Annie Seel(Sweden) won the women's class--by 12 hours!

(WHA, the USA can't send a woman too??? what's up with that???)

Back again with some math...the women's class in the Dakar Rally had a 80% survival rate, as opposed to a 55% survival rate of all motorcycles. Or, factoring out the women in the overall, the men's survival rate slips to 54%.

So much for delicate little things with the vapors!

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